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I am a Daughter of Jerusalem <3
St. Anne...
St. Monica...
St. Philomena...
and Our Lady of Guadeloupe...
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I am a graduate of Franciscan University of Steubenville '12
My friends mean the world to me.
All things related to theatre, broadway and the like. Theatre Geek :)
I love all things Disney (Beauty and the Beast is my absolute favorite movie), Harry Potter, Once Upon A Time, Jane Austen, travel, being pro-life, the Hunger Games, and much, much more.

I am a helpless romantic and love all things girly <3

Please send me questions about the catholic faith, the pro-life, movement, or anything that pops into your head! I would be happy to answer anything :)

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James Monroe Iglehart and the Broadway company of Aladdin pay tribute to Robin Williams [x]

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Get the look!


Get the look!


frank sinatra is the worst person example no. 4872

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file under “movies to watch when feeling sad”

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If God calls me to marriage, I could only hope and pray that my marriage is half as beautiful as Jackie & Bobby’s.

Amen to that!

Love them.

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Cle de Peau Beaute A/W 2014 Celestial Radiance

What a feast for the eyes!

Cle de Peau Beaute’s Autumn/Winter 2014 collection is themed around rich, deep, luminous colors around the eyes, and lots of lashes.

I have to admit I didn’t pay too much attention to Cle de Peau makeup before this because I always thought they would be a lot more expensive than other luxe brands. That’s actually not true though. They’re expensive of course. But because they use a refillable system where you pay less for refills, and only pay for a minimal amount of cases, you actually save a lot of space, and a reasonable amount of money overall.

Eye Color Quads

I received 2 eye color quads, a Perfect Lash mascara and an Extra Rich lipstick for review, but this just makes me want to check out the other quads in the collection! The colors are gorgeous and rich and smooth; not chalky at all. 

On first sight, I was drawn to 308 the violet palette, but to be honest, 305 is more the type of quad that I would use daily. The pigmentation of 305 is also just slightly richer and smoother. 2 shades in the purple 308 palette are duochrome shades, but once applied they both look like monochromes.

The warm 305 palette has no duochromes but the colors are gorgeous and intense.

Perfect Lash Mascara

This is a curved-wand mascara, and the waterproof formula is smudge-proof and holds curl very well. It’s more a defining and lengthening mascara than a voluminizing or dramatic one in my opinion. 

I don’t usually have problems with smudging mascara usually, but I can say it took quite a bit of effort to remove this with my Bioderma. I couldn’t do it cleanly, which tells me it’s quite long-wearing. An oil-based remover would be better. 

Extra Rich Lipstick 111

In my top image, I actually had the lipstick inserted wrongly LOL. It’s meant to go in the short gold end-cap, not the long black one. I had some problems inserting it the other day, but I did manage to get it into the black, and it worked ok, so I thought “ok I guess it’s a bit different”. Then the next day, I was told it went in the other side and managed to do it when I tried again.

You will feel a lot of resistance, before a click sounds to tell you it’s locked in place. 

111 is drop-dead gorgeous pink-based nude along the lines of MAC Creme Cup or Chanel Radieuse. Absolute love. This is a definite repurchase once I finish it. 

I do have to say the squared tip is pretty but not the most practical or easy to use. I’m used to a teardrop shape and I feel I need to be more careful with this squared shape. But that’s a minor problem.